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Our corporate strategy is straightforward and practical - to build an Internet-based hub (a vertical portal, or "vortal") around which all components of the Canadian fashion and apparel industry can build and strengthen their information and commercial links.
The name "minimidimaxi" encapsulates the vision of the company to include any business regardless of size, budget or geographical location on the Canadian Fashion Stage.
Worldwide recognition of the industry terms mini, midi and maxi provide Canadian Fashion Stage with instant, understandable brand recognition in the global Internet community.

  CANADIAN FASHION STAGE's unique ability to provide a wide set of best-of-breed and proprietary services and products found in one convenient location.

The practical value and advantage of CANADIAN FASHION STAGE - Minimidimaxi - for the fashion industry are as follows:
  • Filling an existing Internet and e-business vacuum.
  • Creating the "virtual town square" to integrate fashion industry.
  • Vertical integration of the various facets of the industry - from designers to retailers, from manufacturers to models, from fashion schools to fashion media.
  • Providing cost-effective access to the horizontal range of each facet of the industry - from the smallest couturier house to the largest volume manufacturer.
  • Placing all sectors of the Canadian fashion industry in a better position to promote and compete on the domestic and international scene.
  • Providing services and products that are beyond the financial or logistical reach of many existing businesses.
  • Facilitating access to capital and markets by showcasing existing and emerging fashion industry firms.
Company FAQs
Membership FAQs
With Canadian Fashion Stage, you don't have to master Internet marketing, design or programming in order to promote your talent, services or products on the global stage. We will tailor your Internet presence to your specific involvement in the Canadian fashion industry.

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