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Q. What is "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage"?
Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage is a sophisticated electronic marketplace for Canada's dynamic fashion and apparel industry. Technically, it is an Internet "vortal", of vertically-integrated portal. It is unique in the range and depth of its services. It has been expressly designed to provide all segments of the industry with affordable access to information, B2B networking and promotion.

Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage integrates and showcases all facets of the fashion industry: from designers to retailers, from manufacturers to show producers, from models to stylists, from fashion media to exporters.

Q. When was "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" launched?
Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage was officially launched in December 2000. However, the site was couple of years in the making, and was rigorously test-marketed under "live" circumstances throughout 2000.

The arrival of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage was warmly received by the media. One of the world's biggest apparel industry news services - - heralded the launch of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage with an article headlined: New Fashion Website Aims To Put Canada On Fashion Map.

Similarly, Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage was the focus of a major front-page business feature article in the Toronto Star. The Reuters news agency also wrote and distributed an article throughout its extensive network.
Q. Who is behind "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage"?
A. Minimidimaxi Crew consists of the network of independent professionals including: fashion reporters, stylist, make-up artists, photographers, public relations specialists and website development and support professionals based in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Minimidimaxi - Canadian Fashion Stage is entirely funded by Minimidimaxi Ltd.
Q. Why was "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" launched?
Canada's fashion and apparel industry is large and growing. However, it is also highly fragmented and under-promoted. Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage fills this void. For the first time, everyone involved in any way with the Canadian fashion and apparel industry has a common meeting place, regardless of what they do and where they do it. Canadian fashions are world-class. It is our role to publicize and promote that fact to both domestic and international markets.
Q.How is "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" structured?
A. Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage is structured in a similar way to the fashion and apparel industry itself. There are six major industry segments featured:

Fashion Designers;
Fashion Retailers;
Apparel Manufacturers;
Fashion Show Producers;
Styling Experts; and
Media Experts.

Each of these six major sections is itself divided into three sub-sections:

Featured Companies;
Business-to-Business Services for Companies; and

Clients (or, members, as we call them) of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage complete a convenient registration form, which is then entered in our "Canadian Fashion Directory".

The Directory is the core of our site - the place to seek out and discover individuals or companies involved in the fashion and apparel industry. Keywords supplied by the member direct others to the three most appropriate categories in our database of some 240 categories.

For example, if you are a "Textile Wholesaler", your listing will appear in the following three categories:
· Fashion Retailers: Product Category: Textiles
· Fashion Designers: Business-to-Business: Production Supplies: Textiles
· Manufacturers: Business-to-Business: Production Supplies: Textiles

This categorization was designed to ensure accuracy and to provide targeted exposure for our members.

Members of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage, are also able to post their own professional or corporate profile for potential view by millions of industry participants and consumers worldwide. The information on this unique Web page can be easily edited and updated by the member.
Q. What is a Minimidimaxi Magazine?
In addition to industry directory, Minimidimaxi Ltd. publishes an online Magazine providing "value-added" information:
· Original editorial stories on the industry and its leading trends and personalities;
· Canadian and International fashion news from a number of sources; and
· An e-mail newsletter sent to subscribers from media, buyers and consumers sector.
Q. Is "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" open to the general public?
A. There is no "key" or pass-code required to access our site.

However, members of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage must be individuals or companies active in the fashion and apparel industry in this country. This ensures that our site is indeed an "electronic marketplace" for the industry alone.

Therefore, while the public is welcome and encouraged to visit Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage, they are unable to post or alter member listings (unless a member's specific site has provided public contact).

Our Minimidimaxi Magazine has a broad consumer readership.



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