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Membership FAQs  

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member of "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage"?
Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage offers its individual and corporate members a wide range of tangible benefits:

Our members can:
· Find and build contacts from the industry's most comprehensive directory;
· Build a heightened brand or corporate image;
· Increase sales;
· Network inside industry sub-groups or professions;
· Source materials and services quickly and efficiently;
· Develop greater industry collaboration and action;
· Generate additional publicity for products and services;
· Facilitate industry contacts; and
· Showcase events and achievements.

Your membership page is a highly targeted ad to help you with the promotion of your business. To find out more about benefits of advertising on Minimidimaxi, as well as other advertising opportunities go to our services section.

Q.What is the cost of becoming a member of "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage"?
The goal of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage is to provide the greatest possible access for the greatest number of individuals and companies involved in the fashion and apparel industry.

Multi-level membership fee structure:

MINI membership
$75/per year (plus GST)
MIDI membership
$1500/per year (plus GST)
MAXI membership
from $2500*/per year (plus GST)

All members will receive 15% discount of the following services: news broadcasting to our subscriber base (media, buyers and consumers; 2000 subscribers), press release posting, semi-annual collection calendar (calendar for buyers and media on current season)

All the above are annual membership costs. Each of these membership levels provides excellent value for money, given that the products and services offered by the members of Minimidimaxi will be seen across Canada and around the world.
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Q. Are there additional paid services that "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" can provide its members?
A. Indeed there are. Thanks to the expertise and professional network shared by the principals of Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage, we are able to offer the following extra services:
· Web site design;
· Photography (shows, products, advertising);
· Graphic design and art direction;
· Marketing materials (media kits, brochures, catalogues); and
· Online advertising (Internet marketing, banners, interactive presentations).

Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage doesn't believe in cookie-cutter approaches to members' requirements. We custom design services and materials to your needs, at an extremely reasonable cost.

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Q. What level of technical support does "Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage" provide its members?
As benefits a Web-based company, Minimidimaxi - The Canadian Fashion Stage provides convenient and responsive e-mail support to our members. In the rare case where a member does not have immediate Internet access, he or she is welcome to fax their query to us.


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