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Smirnoff 2001 fashion awards - urban fusion
Minimidimaxi 23-Jul-2001
2001's Smirnoff Fashion Awards went off with a little more hype as Toronto gears up to host the Worlds on the fall.

Harricana with Oakley - Recycling versus technology
Minimidimaxi 23-Jul-2001
Harricana by Gagné Mariouche, a recycled fur collection, merged their presentation with "hi-tech" sportswear and sunglasses by Oakley.

Life is Luscious - fall 2001 collection
Minimidimaxi 23-Jul-2001
Rebecca Ford for Luscious Fall 2001 collection flaunted its way past style-savvy Montrealers at Luscious' outdoor fashion show at the Sensation Design Jaguar event on June 9, 2001 in Montreal.

Sensation Design Jaguar - Fitting Climax To A Brilliant Season
Minimidimaxi 23-Jul-2001
More than 20 Québecois designers strutted their stuff in the open air at this 3-day Dick Walsh production, at both the solo shows and the nightly main event, providing ample evidence that cars and clothes share both design elements and sex appeal.

Millennium Jeans
Minimidimaxi 26-Jun-2001
The label may look Tommy-esque, but this very innovative line of limited run pieces definitely has West Coast Canada written all over it.

Gustavo Chiu fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 26-Jun-2001
The Gustavo Chiu Vancouver designer, line is discretely practical, and widely accessible and marketable.

April Yau fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 26-Jun-2001
'East meets West' is definitely the theme for Miss Yau's dazzling fall/winter 2001 collection.

Green Millennium Fashion Show
Minimidimaxi 26-Jun-2001
In the spirit of the Vancouver community's fight to preserve the environment, the British Columbia Institute of Technology hosted the first "Green Millennium Fashion Show" during Vancouver International Fashion Week.

Naffem 2001 - Feel Is In, Fur Is the Currency
Minimidimaxi 26-Jun-2001
From May 6-9 at Place Bonaventure, over 300 exhibitors plied their wares to 5000 buyers and delegates for Naffem 2001, the 18th edition of the North American Fur and Fashion Exposition of Montreal, the largest convention of its kind in North America.

Simon Ekrelius fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
With the fashion world turning to Scandinavian influence for rejuvenation, new talent Simon Ekrelius is receiving due attention.

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