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Janet T. Planet SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 17-Dec-2002
Janet T. Planet was bent on presenting nothing conventional for Spring/summer 2003, and was highly successful in this regard, producing a collection of diverse silhouettes in different cuts.

Minimidimaxi 17-Dec-2002
Ol Grandeur is a fashion house intent on bringing European flair to the Canadian runway, catering to the contemporary businesswoman.

Morgan De Toi SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 17-Dec-2002
For spring-summer 2003, Morgan De Toi produces a collection of commercially diverse separates that indicate this collection comes part and parcel with extensive market research.

Hoax Couture SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 17-Dec-2002
Hoax is one of the few labels in Canada that can design for both men and women with equal success, a fact that is revealed under the bright lights of Toronto Fashion Week.

Toronto Fashion Incubator 15th Anniversary
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
The Toronto Fashion Incubator has had an illustrious history in helping Canadian fashion designers develop both their creative talent and business savvy.

wolves SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
Candy-apple red reigns as the label's predominant colour of spring/summer 2003.

Damzels in this dress SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
There is only one reason why Damzels dresses are popping up all over the silver screen, on rock stages and at the world's swankiest cocktail parties: a Damzels dress is the coolest thing to be seen in.

Annie Thompson SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
Annie Thompson's spring-summer 2003 collection is tweaked with attitude, as an array of lightweight dimpled, metallic and otherwise supped-up fabrics will attest to.

Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
There are many reasons why Thien Le's rise to the forefront of Canadian couture and ready-to-wear has been nothing short of meteoric.

Pat McDonagh SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
Pat McDonagh opens spring-summer 2003 with breezy floral-print Monet Impressionism, beautiful hues of lilly, blue and turquoise bedecking chiffon dresses and frock-coats.

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