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Paul Hardy SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
Paul Hardy unveiled his breakthrough collection by pulling the plug on all clichés, including the usual thumping music.

Harebell SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
Harebell's show at the ultra modern DNA space was a cool way to wind down Toronto Fashion Week.

David Dixon SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-Dec-2002
David Dixon opens spring-summer 2003 women's wear in black chiffon with billowy ostrich feathers for gowns and off-the-shoulder tops.

Billy Waxman is on a mission. Tuxedo extravagansa
Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
No expense was spared as the capacity crowd was treated to the tuxedo interpretations of nearly twenty Canadian designers

Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
DiLalla takes the architectural stance that won her early accolades with the Smirnoff judges and redefines the dress a la Carla.

Julie Desmarais, Maillagogo, Miranda Fashion, SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
Montreal Fashion Week gave us great fashion from start to finish, and our up-and-coming designers did their part in making it happen.

Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
Annie Langlois and Josianne Dubreuil can bet that you've never seen this before.

Sportswear: Luk SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
Luk's spring/summer 2003 collection is reflective of the label's back-to-basics attitude, as black and white separates for men and women make their mark with a clean club look.

Swimwear SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
Montreal Fashion Week got a healthy dose of sunshine when Canada's top swimwear designers put their best bare foot forward for the Swimwear Collective 2003.

Morales SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 01-Nov-2002
There is a curious dynamic in Morales's creations that I'm sure the label's groupies know all about-there are certain elements is almost every garment that just yearn to break free...

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