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Montreal Fashion Week SPRING-SUMMER 2003
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2002
The line-up of participating designers was pared down from last year, but the sheer quality of what was shown, along with keen production and tight organization has all contributed to making the third edition of MFW a resounding success.

Spring-summer 2003 Collections in Canada
Minimidimaxi 1-Oct-2002
Collections reviews, Montreal and Toronto fashion week and more

Smirnoff Experience Fashion Awards 2002 - Release: Minimidimaxi Magazine
Minimidimaxi 1-Sep-2002
The Smirnoff 2002 Canadian Fashion Awards, under the new name SMIRNOFF EXPERIENCE, grooved to the sounds of 20 DJs interpreting this year's theme, "Release".

Circus cirus - Fashion Cares 2002: Minimidimaxi Magazine
Minimidimaxi 1-Sep-2002
The Broadway dance numbers featured a Toronto ast in costumes by Canadian designers, creating a wild and colourfull mixture.

Sensation Design Jaguar 2002 : Minimidimaxi Magazine
Minimidimaxi 1-Sep-2002
The roar of Formula One racing may have overtaken Montreal from June 6-8, but it did nothing to silence the second edition of Sensation Design Mode, a fashion and design extravaganza that created a little noise of its own.

Canadian Hairdresser and BeautyBeat Magazine 8th Mirror Awards 2002
Minimidimaxi 10-Jun-2002
The Canadian Hairdresser and BeautyBeat Magazine 8th Mirror Awards 2002 aimed to please a hairstyling crowd this year with a popular circus theme.

Minimidimaxi 10-Jun-2002
Seals have been germane to human survival across the Canadian Arctic for thousands of years. The region's scarcity of plant life has rendered the seal a primary subsistence resource.

Minimidimaxi 10-Jun-2002
NAFFEM, the largest fashion industry event in Canada and one of the biggest luxury outerwear shows in the world celebrated twenty years of connecting fur industry professionals with its 2002 edition.

Minimidimaxi 10-Jun-2002
The Naffem 2002 gala held at the new Palais des Congrès in Montreal was the lavish setting for the key players of the fur industry to celebrate yet another year of brisk business.

Business of fashion: fall-winter 2002: Canadian fashion designers
Minimidimaxi 10-Jun-2002
The Fall/Winter 2002-03 Canadian fashion season clearly shows that designers are coming to terms with market realities and taking a stance that makes the most business sense for them.

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