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Thien Le fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
When Thien Le presented his Fall/Winter 2001 collection at the Windsor Arms Hotel during Toronto Fashion Week, curiosity was in the air

Pat McDonagh fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
Pat McDonagh's Fall/Winter 2001 collection did not deviate from the high personal standards that she has set.

Marilyn Brooks fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
Marilyn Brooks' Fall/Winter 2001 collection is a celebration of colour and movement.

Lauren Lebovitz fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
Lauren Lebovitz fuses the classics with contemporary by way of haute quality fabrics for her new Fall/Winter 2001 Juxtaposition label.

Dominic Bellissimo fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 3-May-2001
Dominic Bellissimo opened his Fall/Winter 2001 fashion show with a retrospective overview of his past collections.

wolves fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 13-Apr-2001
Wolves by Joyce Lo and Sabrina Albanese melted the ice with their Fall/Winter 2001 collection.

Ula Zukowska fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 1-Apr-2001
You can always count on Ula2 to introduce innovative divergences, and to fuse techno mode-de-vie with comfort and modern attitude.

vir-go fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 13-Apr-2001
Vir-go by Kafi Wilson & Karen Uhm has brought a breath of fresh air staging their fall-winter 2001.

Olena Zylak fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 13-Apr-2001
You have to give kudos to a designer who gets funky with an area frequently left to the mercy of conventional attitudes.

Fur Trends preview fall/winter 2001
Minimidimaxi 13-Apr-2001
"Fur is It", an event dedicated to showcasing new fur for Fall/Winter 2001, was the headliner for Toronto Fashion Week, on Monday, March 19th.

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