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Damzels in this Dress: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
The Damzels know how to put on a rocking good show for Spring 2004, and it didn't hurt to have their own horror flick

Falbala: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
In Melanie and Sophie Veilleux' second major fashion show, the emphasis is on the hips and on pivotal movement, a nod at dynamic femininity.

Tavan and Mitto: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
Tavăn and Mitto trot out 'Ipanema,' for Spring 2004, a masterpiece of a collection that swings between being racy and tastefully elegant.

Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
Andy Thê-Anh dedicates Spring 2004 to 'Digital Goddesses', the modern-day divas that continue a long tradition of spellbinding us, but with a futuristic spin.

Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
Christian Chenail's penchant for cinematic diva-hood appears to be insatiable.

Morales: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
Renata Morales' latest oeuvre is a sober meditation on what silhouette construction means to the designer.

Mark Peros: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 25-Oct-2003
Mark Peros Spring 2004 illustrates something that we have long suspected about the label-it's deftness at introducing and maintaining a theme.

Harebell: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 23-Oct-2003
Shelli Oh delivers nothing more than the dainty essentials for her spring 2004 collection.

Isabell Elie: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2003
Isabelle Elie Spring 2004 is a decidedly focused collection.

Envers: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2003
Indian culture had its fingerprint all over the collection, with black, red, gold and silver as the main colour palette.

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