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Denis Gagnon: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2003
Gagnon pulls off what Prada did to tame Spring 2004's colourful abandon on the other side of the pond.

David Dixon: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2003
If avant-garde fashion can be characterized as extravagant but not gratuitous, experimental but not masturbatory, then Dixon is slightly ahead of the pack.

Arthur Mendonca: SPRING/SUMMER 2004
Minimidimaxi 10-Oct-2003
There was a palpable buzz surrounding the Arthur Mendonša Spring 2004 show, and the Toronto crowd wasn't let down by their new unsung hero.

Toronto Fashion Incubator: New Labels: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-June-2003
Toronto fashion Incubator. Fall/winter 2003 collections. New Labels show.

Carla Romagnoli: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-June-2003
Carla Romagnoli's Fall 2003 collection deconstructs air force silhouettes for maximum sex appeal.

Damzels in this Dress: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 03-June-2003
I don't know what creates the bigger buzz at a Damzels fashion show, the dresses burning up the runway or the girls turning the seating area into a mosh pit.

YSO: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 13-June-2003
The new YSO is severe, but not in the way you'd expect.

Nadya Toto: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 01-June-2003
The busy floral embroidery in Nadya Toto's Fall 2003 collection is a sort of kiss of the spider woman

Misura: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-June-2003
Misura Fall 2003 makes the search for new silhouettes a vertical quest.

Marie Saint Pierre: fall/winter 2003
Minimidimaxi 15-June-2003
Saint Pierre explains how she can use painterly voiles of lemon yellow and fuchsia in her Fall 2003 collection and get away with it.

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