April Yau - fall/winter 2001

’East meets West’ is definitely the theme for Miss Yau’s dazzling fall/winter 2001 collection. The clean lines are cut in occidental, West Coast style, while the knotting of leather strips and subtle use of antique coins on some of the pieces is more so a touch of European upper class. Of course, there is an overall whiff of the Orient in the Chinese knots the designer uses to fashion her belts and bracelets.

The predominant colors, appropriately enough, are black, white, red, and gold, and the fabric ranges from classic polyester, fleece, and cotton blends, to real and faux leather and suede, not to mention faux fur.

The highlight of the collection is its versatility: the various pieces can be worn in different ways depending on the occassion. Draping can be fastened, and collars and cuffs added or subtracted, according to personal taste. Moreover, sleeves and skirt hem lines can be lengthened or shortened with the simple undoing or fastening of zippers and buttons. With this innovative line, the choice is definitely up to Yau!

Romeo Ripoli, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer