Dominic Bellissimo - fall/winter 2001

Dominic Bellissimo opened his Fall/Winter 2001 fashion show with a retrospective overview of his past collections. This year he celebrates 20 years as a leading shearling designer of international repute. The cross-sectional glimpse of his designs of the 80’s and 90’s show a consistently strong and fresh vision that re-invents itself every season.

“It’s amazing, actually, that so many pieces of my current 2001 collection segue quite seamlessly from the vintage segment of the show” says Dominic Bellissimo.

His new fall collection brings a rich palette of colours, textures and finishes to the design table. Is it shearling or fabric? You be the judge. Long-haired tuscanas in bright, primary colours were followed by camel, khaki/red and charcoal shearling jackets and shirts with satin finishes. Tiny dried flowers are embedded into a few pieces, incorporating the precious dimension of presence - Bellissimo’s fashions can be intimately appreciated by the wearer.

Bellissimo’s collection provides diverse consumer choices while managing to place the waistline in an axis position in nearly every piece. “There is definitely something for everyone,” cites Bellissimo. His 20 years of experience is what enables him to create a collection of must-haves. Barb Alexander fused retro and modern features for make-up using the Manifesto line.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer