Marilyn Brooks - fall/winter 2001

Marilyn Brooks’ Fall/Winter 2001 collection is a celebration of colour and movement. Terrestrial shades of brown and ochre are put to great sculptural use, paired with the classic black bustier by numbersix to lend a balancing rigidity.
Jennifer Mavrinac and Heidi Wallace are the designers behind numbersix, bringing their first collection of lambskin halter tops, corsets and bustiers.

Light brown blouses were among the more sensual elements presented. A Victorian motif of wide collars, cropped sleeves and gauntlets in intricate floral and paisely-hybrid patterns take the collection into a whole different direction.

Marilyn Brooks, recently awarded Chairholder status by Colour Marketing Group, the Premier International Association for Colour and Design Professionals, shows us again what a rich imagination can accomplish when every hue of the spectrum is in its conceptual grasp.

Renata Robel, Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer