David Dixon - fall/winter 2001

Riding the train from Kensington to Covent Garden you are likely to bump into some interesting characters. For Fall/Winter 2001, Dixon continued to impress at the Steamwhistle Brewery, surprising everyone with a cameo from renegade musician Ashley MacIsaac. The show began with the edgy inflections of London Sub, featuring tie-dye corduroy pants and a ribbed, ripped sweater with scarf.

The underground scene for casual men and the English gentlemen with a modern twist offered a variety for different occasions. The signature coats and evening wear included chocolate-brown quilted topcoats with racing collars and a shimmering smoking jacket with suede trim.

For women, Dixon featured stiff, yet sexy metallic wool and tweed suiting with subtle seaming, chained pockets, and fox trim. Dresses were classic black, a swirling deep orange, and crazy, corseted geometrical - for trains that gently chug and bullet trains that take off.

It doesn’t appear that Dixon is losing any steam with three polished and persuasive shows in a row, who along with Crystal Siemens, are setting high expectations for runway events. Dixon’s collections for men and women with common design elements like necklines, clean silhouettes and use of variety of fabric offers consumers a distinctive and recognizable style.

Brett Blankstein , Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer