Harricana with Oakley - recycling versus technology - fall/winter 2001

The times we live in bring new values and influences to the front stage, influencing fashion in new ways. Harricana by Gagné Mariouche, a recycled fur collection, merged their presentation with “hi-tech” sportswear and sunglasses by Oakley. It’s difficult to imagine this concept posted on an idea board. The final image of a retro sex appeal with punk influences and accessorized with Sci-Fi glare had to be seen to be believed.

Needless to say, the show had a mesmerizing effect on the audiences of the Sensation Design Jaguar event. The old-style fur coats in your mother’s closet are a material base for updating both men’s and women’s looks, as well as for making a range of accessories like backpacks, scarves and gloves. Modern design and detailed tailoring make it impossible to detect the recycling aspect of the collection.
Harricana collection was conceived in 1994 by Gagné Mariouche’s intuitive inspiration, combining fur “made from your old mother’s coat” with technical materials.

Oakley sportswear-oriented accessories and apparel complemented the show in a fantastically unusual way. The Oakley sunglasses are widely used in sports, thanks to their innovative design, durability and protection, making them “true optical instruments wrapped in art.” When paired with the Harricana collection, Oakley eyewear looks more like jewellry than sportswear. The “Over-the-top” innovative model for runners and swimmers makes a fashion statement in everyday life while managing to hint at biker chic and rapper cool.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer