juxtaposition by Lauren Lebovitz - fall/winter 2001

Lauren Lebovitz fuses the classics with contemporary by way of haute quality fabrics for her new Fall/Winter 2001 Juxtaposition label. “A juxtaposition of where we have been, and where we are going” says Lauren.

English aristocracy, particularly equestrian, as a theme is elegantly played out in detailed tailoring and comfortable structure. Soft wool blends, stretch fabrics and cropped suits magnify a refined femininity. The highlights of the collection include a versatile “dart jacket” in wool-denim with saddle-stitching and a fun dirndl “twist skirt” with mellifluous movement sure to make a statement at any party. Lebovitz’s pieces are sophisticated and demure.

Production values invariably have an effect on a designer’s public image. Added touches like parading greyhounds put the audience in a great mood. The artistic director John Sheehy from Sherrida Personal Management did a fantastic job capturing the vision behind the Lauren Lebovitz Juxtaposition collection.

Coko, Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer