Millennium Jeans - fall/winter 2001

Millennium Jeans
The innovative line of limited run pieces definitely has West Coast Canada written all over it; everything from an interesting array of polar fleece, to jackets with polyurethane shells and polyester linings, not to mention hoods.

For men, the line ranges from the classic 100% cotton blue denim shirt and dress pants, to 100% polyurethane reflective outerwear and funky cotton-poly blended track suits and rugby shirts.

For women, the spectrum spans from hippy-chick embroidered stretch denim ankle pants and frayed jeans in purple, silver, yellow, and red, all the way to polyurethane snakeskin pants and belted jackets.

Not only does the line go beyond just jeans, but, being a wholesaler, they are able to pass the direct-supply savings onto those members of the denim-clad masses that want to stand out in the crowd. The result is clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable, colors and styles that are wildly imaginative, and a price that is reasonable.

But alas, beware all members of ‘the new Millennium’, the specially selected original designs are offered on a limited basis, subject to availability, so get on line and order while you can.

Romeo Ripoli, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer