Roxanne Nikki - fall/winter 2001

Nikki Rox! Fall/Winter 2001 rocks with daring “eclectic glam” for avant-garde men and women. The warm earth and spice tones in huggable soft velvets and faux-fur will grab the attention of anybody with an eye for decadence. Roxanne Nikki is making herself known as the Bauhaus of clothing design.

The men’s collection features contrasted-striping velvet suits with swatches of fur in all the right places, reinforcing a virile masculinity. Sleeveless faux-fur tops with flared pants conjure up a punk gladiator motif.

Women join the Rox! Textured velvet in burgundy and mint greens are expertly decorated with reversible monkey hair, muskrat and mink faux- furs. The versatility of these fashions is exploited to the maximum, good news to consumers everywhere.

The highlights of the collection include a 60’s inspired dress combining mink and muskrat with chocolate/orange striping. “I would wear this dress to my wedding” said Roxanne.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer