Pat McDonagh - fall/winter 2001

Pat McDonagh’s Fall/Winter 2001 collection did not deviate from the high personal standards that she has set. As Pat says, “Designing for fall allows me the opportunity to utilize my favorite themes; Celtic tweeds, riding breeches, earthy knits - legacies of my Irish Heritage.” Four people who inspired her with their style were: Mrs. Simpson, Julie Butterfly, Napoleon and Rob Roy.

Brown, winter white, red and black dominate this collection of full textures, leather and transparent fabrics. We see Celtic tweeds in herringbone and dogtooth mixed with sequined plaid chiffons and hand knits in natural yarns. Wool, viscose and silk are the prominent fabrics of the collection. The red and black lace dresses are majestic and solemn, one example of exotic themes left to be interpreted freely. Meticulous filaments have always been a feature of Pat McDonagh’s design aesthetic, and that is just one element of many that render her style timeless. A Canadian pioneer of the “total wardrobe”, Pat McDonagh is here to stay.

Wendy Crewson, who took time out from taping Mimi Leder’s new ABC series “The Beast”, sauntered out in a gold shimmering dress to close the show. She is a strong supporter of Canadian fashion. Thank-you, Wendy.

Renta Robel, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer