Rigor by Karen Pottle - fall/winter 2001

“Rigor” collection by Karen Pottle of St. Johns, Newfoundland fuses the influences of harsh nature softened by classic lines. We caught up with the designer during Vancouver International Fashion Week, travelling across Canada to showcase her fall/winter 2001 collection.

“In St. John’s the harbour has three look outs: The Battery, Fort Amherst and Signal Hill. The military feel of my coats is inspired by my surroundings.”

Trained in historical costume, Karen has worked in the theatre, television and film industries before launching her “Rigor” clothing line 4 years ago. The unisex pieces of the collection are tailored from combined fabrics, such as the weather resistant oil-wax cottons: “Tercel” is made from tree cellulose and wool, offering strong and classic looks for both men and women. The silhouettes delineated by the lines of Karen’s clothing mirror vast horizons and city landscapes, effectively bypassing fashion frenzy to offer a more grounded functionality. Attitude, however, is not sacrificed in the process.

“I think I design for both men and women because I am a twin to a brother and I feel it is not complete until I see both.”

”The feeling of power one gets when wearing a tightly wrapped coat with a Fedora hat or a big overcoat with a Greek fisherman’s hat, and especially the Biker jacket with pants is intertwined with the sexuality of a woman riding a motorcycle.” said Karen Pottle.

Fashion Reporter

Marek Wlazlo, Photographer