Crystal Siemens - fall/winter 2001

This year, watch out: Crystal Siemens has been on a sharp upturn. Her last fall collection, presented in an underground parking garage, seemed to kick-start a buzz that is reaching levels of crowd frenzy, solidifying Siemens as the hottest ticket in town for fall/winter 2001. The urban warriors were tough. The spring/summer collection featured studio installation along with catch phrases such as “love like you’ve never been hurt before” and a ghostly model presence that was solid, edgy, and perhaps the calm before the storm.

This year for fall/winter 2001, presented in a condemned warehouse on the fringe of the Fashion District with its exposed wires and damp corners, Siemens delivered more of the grand, live and in-stereo showmanship that maybe we should come to expect. Just a touch of militant punk glam can’t hide the fact that these clothes are extremely wearable and allow for personal attitude and styling to bring them to life. This was seen in the bird nest Afro’s, thorny stilettos, and get-out-of-my-way posturing. Knockout punches such as glazed gold leather hip-huggers, a sleek, black waffle wool kimono, and a blended, ruffle top-trimmed lycra knit with ripped shoulder worn with a gauze skirt were all delivered with more than a touch of sex appeal. Detailing included leather trim and cinches, raw edging, asymmetric cuts, layered jersey, front to back changes, snake-bite banding, and a full arsenal of swooping and sharp neck lines.

With the younger crowd packing the house and buyers noticeably impressed, Siemens seems well-positioned for the competitive retail environment. A quick glance at pricing to ensure affordability for those just beginning their careers, Siemens appears poised to attract even more attention on the street, where Canadians typically throw international names around when talking about fashion. What’s most impressive about Siemens is her ability to package many of the elements of fashion together in a cohesive way, including the use of innovative fabrics, great runway production, music, individuality, and a sexy, adventurous approach to clothes.

Brett Blankstein, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer