Simon Ekrelius - fall/winter 2001

With the fashion world turning to Scandinavian influence for rejuvenation, new talent Simon Ekrelius is receiving due attention. This native Stockholmer is now based in Toronto and wants to take it by storm.

North American culture has not yet reached the freedom of expression and confidence enjoyed by Scandinavian designers. Simon Ekrelius does not show any signs of conforming to stifled attitudes and boldly brings a collection inspired by “ghost shrimp”.

Why shrimp? It’s an inspiring, chameleon-like creature that can transform its appearance by changing surroundings and shedding its skin. Using bias-cut techniques, combinations of transparent and opaque fabrics with shimmering splashes of aquatic blues and greens bring the beauty of ocean depths to a terrestrial level.
The lustrous, stretched, wine and silver peau-de-soie dresses with fold-over collars offer a sublime, other-worldly elegance.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer