Thien Le - fall/winter 2001

When Thien Le presented his Fall/Winter 2001 collection at the Windsor Arms Hotel during Toronto Fashion Week, curiosity was in the air; not many of the media crowd had ever seen his work prior to the show. The new collection expresses the maturity of Thien Le’s style, which has been honed over the years.

The close-knit setting of the presentation, with fashions temptingly close enough to touch, created the intimate setting needed to see the detailed tailoring, luxurious fabrics and the cool confidence of the collection.

“This is about the woman who enters a room discreetly and makes a statement in her exit.” says Thien Le. The clean cut and simplicity of the designs were highlighted by either delicate but distinguished stitching, slit-cut sleeves, ribbon bondage or flowing silhouette cuts.

Elaborate cyan and orange patterns give a three-dimensional op-art trompe l’oeil. The contrast of black and striking crimsons in the collection executed in wool and silk proffer the deadly allure of the black widow - in human form.

“This is about seduction that whispers, silks that hug and decolletes that plunge.”

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer