Ula Zukowska - fall/winter 2001

For any fashion designer aware of the network linking creative forums in our multi-media society, taking a postmodernist approach is crucial. Ula2 continues to do this, without neglecting a connection to nature, a mistake often made by believing urban myths woven to hype the supremacy of the urban jungle. This year, Ula Zukowska presented her Fall/Winter 2001 collection in the multi-levelled Bata Shoe Museum, framing her ultra-modern and edgy style with architectural glass and steel elements.

You can always count on Ula2 to introduce innovative divergence, and to fuse techno
mode-de-vie with comfort and modern attitude. Ula has produced a multi-dimensional collection that promotes stand-out individuality not following current uniform military style and remakes of 70s and 80s fashion.

The collection embodies four diverse elements: extreme, essence, diversion and opulence. The “extreme” faction features skin-tight sportswear in reversible black/neon yellow neoprene with sharp edges. As an opposite element, “essence” offers forest green knitwear complemented by metallic icy greens, and acrylic leather pants and jackets. The “opulence” drapes the body in acid jazz movement with deep fuschia and dark grey taffeta, and copper-gold quilted jackets accented collars with attitude. A reversible faux-fur “Puff Daddy” diva coat created a nice “diversion” to end the show.

Ula took the opportunity to announce her new company identity, ULA2 Inc., (that will incorporate fashion by Ula Zukowska and furniture by Chris Zukowski.) and the launch of ula2.com, designed by yours truly, Minimidimaxi Ltd.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer