wolves - fall/winter 2001

As fans, poolies, and players gear up for Canada’s favourite pastime, the NHL hockey playoffs, Wolves by Joyce Lo and Sabrina Albanese melted the ice with their Fall/Winter 2001 collection. Yorkville’s Edward Day Gallery was the spot where a sassy outfit called the Belleville Sugar Cones skated up a fashion storm. What’s more exciting, drinking champagne from Lord Stanley’s Cup or model Steph Dvorak in wine-stained leg warmers and stilettos?

The “wolves hockey league” staged a locker room scene with a confident and blithe attitude. Wearable, simple designs are stamped with felt transfer icons of ice cream cones, league style stencil lettering and WHL league tops. The collection targets a young and active demographic who even in the winter wear jersey, sleeveless tops, or minis with stencilling underneath heavy winter gear.

It’s a great idea to incorporate Canadian hockey as a backdrop to their collection. This trend is catching on, and perhaps wolves fever was also the influence behind a photo spread in the April 2001 issue of Flare magazine, where Canadian designs were styled with a hockey rink as a background. What has been evident in the past couple of years is that fashion aimed at the younger crowd is increasingly taking cues from sports: soccer, Formula One. It’s high time that hockey join this select group.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer