Olena Zylak - fall/winter 2001

You have to give kudos to a designer who gets funky with an area frequently left to the mercy of conventional attitudes. Olena Zylak walks the line with her knitwear collection for fall-winter 2001. Inspired by Miles Davis, the pieces take a sexy and free approach with open floating sleeves, complemented by diagonally top-stitched leather skirts.

Zylak introduced sweaters with crocheted mohair seams and backpockets, jazzed-up and exaggerated in length and size. Clothing is architecture for the body, an inhabitable space that can be made a comfortable, welcome environment. If Olena Zylak is trying to expound the point that space is a commodity, it is done exceedingly well, with examples to boot.

She continues to have fun with her collection and present consumers with ready-to-wear pieces that stand out from the way knitwear is perceived. Who wouldn’t want to add an oversized mohair turtleneck to their wardrobe when seeking winter solace? Get out the hot chocolate, Olena Zylak is making her entrance.

CoKo, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer