Jean Airoldi - fall/winter 2002

Jean Airoldi brought his brand of Quebecois chic to Toronto Fashion Week for fall 2002, spicing up his signature black eveningwear with some business-casual options.

The denim suits with pink lace detailing maintain the disciplined Airoldi silhouette while allowing for relaxed comfort. The irregular leopard print fur coat is an awesome outerwear piece and the addition of pearlized studding to pants is representative of the vintage touch that Airoldi does well. While the sportier outfits possess the great finishing of a meticulous designer, Airoldi’s true mark is made consistently in glamour pieces like the gold-tinged grey suit jacket with black sequins and bias pleated skirt. The white-buttoned cropped black top with balloon sleeves and tube French cuffs is Jean Airoldi’s way of celebrating the (I suspect slightly Bacchanalian) cultural mores hiding behind traditionally rigid silhouettes.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer