Dominic Bellissimo - fall/winter 2002

”How would you like your shearling?”

Dominic Bellissimo kicks off another season in the quest of shrinking the gap between refined outerwear and luxury urbanwear with ‘Raw’, the designer’s fall 2002 collection of furs for men and women. The transformative powers of a single material are elucidated by Bellissimo’s twenty-one years of working with shearling.

Raw cuts define the womens’ line, reaching back to the grunge of yore while exploring shearling’s beautiful qualities, as seen in the charcoal distressed long curly shearling jacket. Toscana trim plays across the board to add a touch of unabashed luxury, adding voluminous dark edges to items like the jaguar green suede merino coat. The denim blue distressed shearling jackets are part of modernizing the fur industry and making it accessible to a younger demographic. Nifty zipper features add a little extra to an impeccable look.

For men, the black glazed shearling ¾ coat is just long enough to hang nicely while the caramel shearling jackets, vests and pants combine masculine cuts with the softness that would lead men, like Jeremy Irons, to buy Bellissimo in the first place. Oscillating between 90-degree angles and raw chaos, Dominic Bellissimo puts out a collection for the consumer who thinks they’ve already seen it all.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer