Bruzer by Andrew Majtenyi - fall/winter 2002

Andrew Majtenyi serves up a streetwear tribute to the motoring age with Bruzer fall/winter 2002. The QEW has become a second home to thousands of commuting Torontonians daily, the implications of which are not lost on the mildly eccentric Andrew Majtenyi.

The variety found in this collection of monochromatic tracksuits is impressive. The black Asphalt Suit is cuter than it sounds and is ideal for casual winter warmth. A handful of feasible separates dot the collection, such as a pair of white brushed cotton pants with wide bias-cut stripes. The remainder of the collection is cream and light grey in iridescent, waterproof fabrics.

Playing up the ‘cool’ factor is the angle that Majtenyi uses to gain credibility for the streetwear line. But Bruzer truly sets themselves apart by at least making sure that the omnipresent logos and icons are ones that we don’t see on fashion very often. Gas/food/lodging up ahead.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer