New Designers Debut in Montreal - fall/winter 2002

New designers ventured forward during Montreal Fashion Week’s Designer Debut to give us a taste for young fashion blood. Carla Romagnoli’s gold-flecked brown mini-skirt with zipper is a notable piece. Sylphyd by Sarah Fugulin dives into trompe l’oeil landscape with tightly cropped perimeters, presenting a metered fantasy.

But the show truly belonged to Myco Anna. Making the most of her fifteen minutes, designer Marie-Chantal Le Breton uses veil and Irish tweed in fashioning brilliant quilted and woven pieces charged with erotic fantasy. Made mostly of recycled material, the snugly contoured one-piece outfits fuse garters to pants and bodices to knits in the quest for original silhouette. The bias-cut square patchwork in kaleidoscope colours is a bold risk that pays off for Le Breton, evoking Clockwork Orange gothic edge with a Bob Fosse sensibility.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer