The Design Network - fur fashion 2002

The Design Network - fur fashion 2002.

A fact frequently overlooked is that fur is the foundation upon which Canadian fashion is built. This image has become world renowned through our excellence at crafting the finest fur garments in the world. What better way for the fur industry to step into the 21st century than to team with our nation’s hottest ready-to-wear designers, researching ways of using furs to create cutting-edge looks? Welcome to the Design Network, an initiative coordinated by the Fur Council of Canada whose past alumni includes Marisa Minicucci, Nadya Toto, Mercy and Feizal Virani.

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This season’s Design Network interpretation of fur was showcased at Toronto Fashion Week, with designers making fur their own. Hoax Couture’s silver fox square-sheared coat elaborates on their checkered motif while Yso’s wild mink accented black top with lace ruching is an extension of Siphay Southidara’s brilliant fall collection. Marie Saint Pierre has been long renowned for fur-accented inspiration and this year’s front-slit black chiffon skirt with raw-cut rabbit pelt trim is a delight. Christine Kossak’s mink collars make for ideal winter accessories while David Dixon distressed double-sided cutout appliqué is treated to hints of fur. Stephan Caras was a highlight of the show with a stunning black chiffon and gold inlay bell-bottom dress with tufts of silver fox around the bottom.

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Leave it to Pat McDonagh to steal the evening with her blue fur-lined sheer evening gown with gold floral overlay. A tough act to follow? Not for Alan Chau’s revolutionary Art-To-Wear. His body-sculpted cocoons are creations of mythological proportion, a fitting conclusion to a night dedicated to exploring new ways of clothing ourselves. A night when our previous conceptions of fur were checked at the door.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer