David Dixon - fall/winter 2002


The melancholic strains of a string octet welcomed David Dixon’s powerful statement of black as a rite of passage, “12:01 midnight. A brand new day.” The Fall/Winter 2002-03 collection casts a long shadow with intermittent points of light in a colour wheel of black, ivory, taupe and amber.

In the women’s line, the sombre fall of a light grey dinner coat as well as the ½ length cropped mahogany suit jacket with side buckle closures do wonders in emphasizing long, slender lines. There is much black eveningwear to be had, with halter-top organza filigree tops and dresses acting as the elegant companions to the glammed-up leather appliqué pieces. All-out amber livens up the procession, often combined with white for a marbleized effect. Rough cuts muddy up the slickness, as we see on the fringed lapels of a grey speckle wool knit jacket. The black distressed nylon on tulle bustier dress best exemplifies this dichotomy. While not offering the same options, the men’s suits are timeless and to the point. Dixon explains. “I wanted to give the men’s line a severe look, to reflect a period of hard tailoring for men.”

The subtle tailoring differences between pieces represents not only a Canadian coolness but also a European collection mentality. It is Dixon’s control and ability to use a sparing hand that yields stellar results season after season.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer