Dubuc - fall/winter 2002

Dubuc pulled out all the stops to show both spring and fall to a voracious crowd. The fact that every one of Dubuc’s customers is invited to the show makes for a rather lively evening. They had reason to be excited, as Dubuc continues to refine and diversify his chic take on suave European dress codes while keeping his growing consumer base on their toes.

For men, the usual parade of dressy pinstriped suits and separates saw the introduction of a more casual direction. The brown suede-finished suit and the plum shirtjacket with asymmetric pockets and seams are fresh twists for the designer. Jackets and vests with brown and green clover Vuitton pattern are chic items that pair with hook-closure riding pants and long-tailed smoking jackets for a distinct British flavour.

The women’s collection is all about new silhouettes. The black bodysuit up to the chest with red and black irregular pinstripes spruces up the repertoire, as does the casual black shirtdress with glittery streaks. Dubuc is realizing and fulfilling the consumer need for outerwear worthy of the fashions beneath. The womens’ felted wool ¾ coat with a slight A-line cut in mauve-tinged white takes an important dip into the stylishly warm. A line of dusty rose on charcoal pinstripe suits sporting a sharp-cut vest triple-layered at the bottom is available for both men and women, riffing on this season’s bent toward collage with classic Dubuc hard tailoring.

Philippe Dubuc knows that he is tapping into a lucrative area with his eroticism of turn-of-the-century period dress. Let’s just hope that he remembers to keep experimenting when working on the same themes season after season.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer