Fidel - fall/winter 2002

Viva la Juventud! Tyala Brown’s Fidel added a touch of young, urban style to Montreal Fashion Week. That a label known for candy clubwear (Fidel first gained notoriety when DJs started sporting their unmistakable shirts) can groove in the dark earth tones of fall is but one testament to Fidel’s foothold in the urbanwear market.

Womenswear looks great in this collection. A black satin finished skirt with beige front lacing and matching cropped jacket represents the new Fidel sophistication. A deconstructed orange open skirt takes a dip into the experimental while the purple/lilac dress with triple-layered jupe is the Fidel we all know. The menswear was scant but casually colourful. Styling with separates is the name of the game.

Something needs to be said about the production of the show which was held at Newtown nightclub and also featured Catherine Brulé. The two young and talented designers could not possibly benefit from bad lighting, a cramped, messy runway and crooked backdrop. They deserve better than that. Haven’t people learned that nightclub shows are impressive to everybody except those in the fashion business?

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer