The FurWorks Canada - fall/winter 2002

The FurWorks Canada collections for Winter 2002 have a sporty and urban feel and are designed for broader market appeal. Fur is becoming a popular item again. With this season’s more integrated, mainstream fashion look and price range, FurWorks has an opportunity to attract new consumers. It is also an opportunity to change the perception of fur.

“Glamour and luxury are defined in different ways by each new generation.
While full-on glamour furs are now very much in style, fur had to also take
a more casual route to appeal to the consumer that has a more relaxed way
of dressing,” said Richard H. a renowned Paris-based fashion consultant and
trend forecaster who provided creative direction for FurWorks Canada.

The collections offer great urban choices from the hip-vests of Krio by Natural Furs International and Jean Crisan to Dominic Bellissimo’s raw
edge shearlings jackets, vests, coats and shirts. A definite sportswear
look presented by Frëtt for Antonio Proietti combines wool and fur for
warmth and comfortable feel. We see light and sophisticated fur trims by Zuki for Luxe, Musi jackets sparkling with colour and texture, Paula Lishman’s
bold colours knitwear and Furko by Theo’s everyday wear. Hilary Radley puts forth another classy collection of oversized shearlings coats.

There is something for everyone in FurWorks Canada and this is just a
preview of what you will be able to see during this year’s edition of Naffem at the end of April 2002.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer