Hoax Couture - fall/winter 2002

Hoax Couture continues to perpetuate all the glamorous illusions of stardom for fall 2002, whetting the glitterati appetites of those Hollywood North types lurking around the overpriced Liberty Grand martini bar. It could be seen as a winter collection if you never plan to get out of a taxi. Why would you have to if you’re a rock star? Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell find themselves in such a troubling predicament, fresh from being chosen to design the new Auto Couture BMW. Finally, a decent set of wheels to match your Hoax champagne checkered fur coat.

Chaotic styling rained thick on the Hoax runway, playing on themes of deconstruction. A raw seam denim bustier with floral chiffon epaulet blouson is as punchy as the earth-tone patchwork bias-cut elephant pants. Do you recycle? Hoax does with their faux-grunge jackets, coming in shredded denim, burnt orange and modifications of the good old 80’s ski jacket. The multi-coloured calico knit skirt is a goody-goody separate while the chunky fur accents deal a decadent hand.

Jim Searle tells Minimidimaxi how Hoax plans to use collage stay on top of their game.

“People buy things and use them in ways that the designer never imagined. We’ve decided to take the same approach as our customers, taking things apart and putting them back together.”

I guess when a designer whose belief in the power of imagery wins a customer’s unmitigated trust, the luxury of prefabricated styling becomes available, even expected.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer