Misura - fall/winter 2002

Misura by Joeffer Caoc closed Toronto Fashion Week with a bang, as droves of fashionmongers huddled in a chilly warehouse of surreal proportions. The defunct distillery-turned-events venue had the runway meandering through concrete pods surrounded by brackish water. If the collection was going to live up to the high bar of expectation set by the production, it was going to be a fine evening. It was.

Misura’s fall 2002 womenswear oeuvre is composed of impeccable separates and outfits in a sombre, earthy palette. The rock-white and black nylon stretch suits are the casual items deluxe in an otherwise dressy collection. The asymmetric black vests with white stitching and rounded curves as well as the double-flap charcoal skirt reminds us of Caoc’s commitment to silhouette experimentation. The double-faced white wool cape worn over a baby blue jersey crepe dress nudges the collection into a dressy pose, as do the cream tweed stretch pants, angular and flared.

As in any Misura collection, the details are so important. The minimalism places a lot of emphasis on it. Take the diagonal back pleating on the camel skirts, the pleats cauterized at both ends. The more detailed and ornate aspects of many of the pieces hover just under the surface as underpinnings. This comes across as very sensual, even sexual.

Backstage, we probe Joeffer Caoc about the round, elliptical lines of a particular piece.

“You don’t miss a thing! The silhouettes are simple, versatile and clean because I feel it’s important to be able to transpose them and to mix it up with styling. The colours are subdued for the same reason.”

Don’t let this pussycat attitude fool you. “I believe in fashion as a drug.” It goes without saying that many are addicted to Misura.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer