Hilary Radley - fall/winter 2002

Hilary Radley kicked off Montreal Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2002-03 schedule with a sharp reminder that Canadian outerwear has been building an name for itself for decades, if not longer. Radley can take credit for a large part of the recent zeitgeist. The stylish sophistication of Radley’s ubiquitous signature line has garnered a faithful clientele across all North American markets.

But this season is marked by something new for Radley, a modus operandi that would be the reverse for most Canadian designers.

“Our concentration has been in the United States,” explains Radley. “We haven’t done a show in three years and it’s time to focus on the Canadian markets - our visibility is at a high level here.”

Radley’s sheared wool full-length coats maintain the high levels of workmanship and attention to elegant structure of previous collections, all the while introducing some new features. A 1950’s echo makes a ripple. The A-line cut is omnipresent, looking stately with long strings of fabric-covered buttons and tapered sleeves in a tan number. Black and white are staples, with burgundy, russet and forest charcoal rounding out the colour palette. An asymmetric white shag waist-length coat keeps Radley in the realm of affordable luxury, as does the fox trim ornamenting many of the pieces. Radley knows that her coats figure as must-haves for many a stylish woman and this season indulges them with a wider variety of options. The degree of diversity becomes clearer with pieces like the winter white down-filled full-length with straight collar.

Radley talks to Minimidimaxi before catching a flight to Paris. “Our line is very eclectic. Outerwear is the first thing that people see. People are far more conscious of their outer shell than ever before.” How does she feel about her participation in the event? “I’m very glad to be involved in Fashion Week. We should be supporting it.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer