Response - fall/winter 2002

Response hits the vintage nail on the head with her fashion installation in collaboration with Olena Zylak. Womenswear designer Glynis Dupuis of Response details this season’s theme for Minimidimaxi.

“I wanted to blend new styling into older fabrics. It’s important to have the option of being comfortable and edgy at the same time.”

Comfort can be visual, and distressed fabric is the key component that Dupuis uses to accomplish this in her daywear collection. The rag knot jersey raw cut skirt and top in deteriorated tie-dye colours is something “you would pull out of a hope chest.” A dark grey straight skirt with pearlized buttons and rose top with worn lace is a prime example of the austere feminine silhouettes and motifs of times past that Response is articulating so cleverly. The velvet print jersey raglan-sleeved top with buckled leather mini and the pen-and-ink print teal chiffon blouse keep in line with the installation’s theme of modernizing the past. This season, Response drives home the lesson that vintage doesn’t have to be flashy to look great.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer