TAVÃN & MITTO - fall/winter 2002

TAVÃN & MITTO brings the sophistication of simplicity to fall 2002 for both day and evening wear. An almost minimalist approach to form features significant tailoring details reminiscent of menswear. The off-the-shoulder black top with flare pants displays simple classic styling, as do the black, light grey and white dress options. This look is contrasted with items like the hunting cape, taking the collection to the next level. This collection talks confidence, without being loud. Soft palette tweeds with exaggerated collars offer yet another masculine element. But the pieces we will all remember are the chiffon tops, windswept and looking as though they fell out of the sky. This Montreal label deserves the recognition. Can’t wait till next season.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer