Nadya Toto - fall/winter 2002

text of the articleNadya Toto explores the casual chic in her Fall/Winter 2002-03 collection, melding vintage collage, evening silhouettes and northern luxury to create one of the most balanced collections of the Canadian fall season.

A thick and voluminous mohair top, sweater-cut furs with wool tassels and cotton body suits in shades of rich, creamy-white are paired together to create a warm, protective cocoon. The Inuit influences in this look are negotiated to diffuse a highly personal statement.

Vintage has never looked so classy. There is a stylistically rough edge for consumers whose nights on the town include more than evening balls. What would a Nadya Toto collection be without bold crimson plaids, vintage denim straight-cut hip huggers or variegated wool skirts? The crimson salt&pepper speckled knit skirt worn with a baby blue top with furled ruching is an example of the variegated colour dissolution that works for the label consistently, season after season. The deconstruction element is used sparingly but effectively.

An absolutely seductive eveningwear set mainly executed in black rounds out the collection, best represented by the dream-like whimsy of the draping jersey shawl with gleaming rivulets of silver.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer