Ula Zukowska - fall/winter 2002

Ula Zukowska made the Toronto Fashion Week runway her own with her fall 2002 collection. Full of brilliant and diverse takes on urban fashion with an ergonomic spin, the Ula collection shows it all in a confidently focused way. If last season’s collection was mutedly minimalist, this collection is unashamedly styling.

An olive green mohair sweater worn with a khaki crashed taffeta jacket and brown corduroy asymmetric skirt kicks the collection off with funky urban styling. Details are notable, such as the lace arm cuffs on a black cashmere turtleneck top and the asymmetric zodiac pleats on a forest green boucle skirt. The colour scheme is delectable, with white, green and black playing a prominent role, as well as the pairing of charcoal and indigo.
The red nonwoven aramid Asymmetric knee-length coat injects a necessary punk spirit. With the red wool long dress, Ula’s mindfulness of architecture translates into great form. One of the standout pieces of the collection is the metallic smoke-black v-neck soire dress. The straight cut seen here allows for an unperturbed sexuality free of adornment.

On a footnote, Zukowska put on a seamless production incorporating dramatic elements, one of the few at Toronto Fashion Week to realize that dramatic presentation should enhance a solid fashion presentation, never eclipse it.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer