Yolanda Ng - fall/winter 2002

Yolanda Ng is getting to the fundamentals of fashion with her first fall collection. There is definitely more clothing to see than in her spring collection. Paisley and fountainhead cutouts are done moderately and tastefully. The front-gusseted tank top is the beneficiary of experimentation with silhouette. The collection offers some nifty separates, from the prim and proper cozy wool tops to the billowing bias-cut pinstripe skirt. Details make it a sexy collection. The open-front brown halter-top with patchwork appliqué is a consistently seductive look that Ng carries from last season. One of the highlight outfits of the collection is the fitted grey skirt with black appliqué detail worn with an elegantly shaded mink vest.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer