Carla Romagnoli - fall/winter 2003

With the military look now a staple in Canadian fashion, we can afford to be experimental with it.

Carla Romagnoli’s Fall 2003 collection deconstructs air force silhouettes for maximum sex appeal. A charcoal pinstripe wool jacket is chaotically pleated and rigorously fastened, and it gives way to the expressive folds of a matching pleated skirt. There are other sassy utility jackets in the collection, like the ventilated denim ones that ride high on the torso with an exaggerated bomber cut.

The brown funnel-neck halter-top with zipper is a piece that banks on every wardrobe’s need for unfettered simplicity. The same goes for the staunch wool coats and their barely perceptible pinstripes.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer