Damzels In This Dress - fall/winter 2003

I don’t know what creates the bigger buzz at a Damzels fashion show, the dresses burning up the runway or the girls turning the seating area into a mosh pit. One thing’s for certain, the Damzels and the girls they’ve been decking out since the beginning keep very close company.

The Damzels toted out some sultry V-neck shapes to kick things off for Fall 2003. The crepe dresses come in solids with vivid stewardess stripes, and they also take a step away from civilization with wild pheasant prints in blue and mitigated brown. There are some neat details in the collection, like the little sneak-a-peek spaces in the sleeves. Many of these dresses are wraparound, held together with unobtrusive but structurally important fabric belts.

Always wanted to be Nico from the Velvet Underground? Not a problem. Just slip on any one of Damzels’ off-the-shoulder suede mini dresses with rounded collar and silver belt buckle, and you’ll be singing Femme Fatale faster than Andy Warhol can paint a can of soup.

Hang on a second, unless we’re playing beach volleyball somewhere in the South Pacific, isn’t it Fall? Of course it is, and the twill tweed and siouxsie soft knit dresses give the wearer a little hug, sometimes in olive, sometimes in mahogany, and always with flair.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer