The Design Network - fall/winter 2003

With a mandate to research the cool, The Design Network can’t help but dazzle. Morales‘ tumbling cargos reinvent the military look with the softness of fur-lined tops. Crystal Siemens‘ marbleized fur mini-skirt is a great match to the distressed black satin silk top. It’s a good thing Crystal showed in the Design Network because we never would have appreciated the beauty of the fox gap-knit slouch top in the pixelated blur of her glitzy video production.

The floor, however, goes to fashion artist Alan Chau’s hardcore meditation on the nature of cruelty; it’s not every day that you see a bunny in bondage. Kudos go out to the production crew, who pulled out all the stops for a hip-hop multi-media show.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer