Denis Gagnon - fall/winter 2003

What do you get when you cross the military canvas with romantic sensitivity? Why, the same thing that you get crossing slashed leather and subtle eroticism - you get Denis Gagnon.

That’s right, no matter what Denis Gagnon does, his touch is virtually woven into the fabric, and things are no different for Fall 2003. For women, the khaki chiffon dress is unusually beautiful, crossing at the neck and cinched ever so slightly at the bottom. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the chocolate military coat whose rough construction is proudly defied by the silhouette’s rigidity.

For men there are some sexy open-chest tops and rather unorthodox pairs of pants, all done in moody shades that contribute to the aloof sex appeal. Face it, remoteness is attractive. Red makes a welcome splash in a few outfits, without disrupting the fragile harmony that the various greens negotiate.

There are some confusing areas, though, from a market standpoint. Many of the pieces could not be worn in Fall, like the pink chiffon pants, and leggings, unless we’re not getting it and these are meant to be worn underneath a much heavier fabric (if the reader has ever been to Canada, you know what we’re talking about). All the gathered fabric that swings idly to and fro is sometimes a misfit companion to the robust pieces in the collection, although it’s refreshing to see layering that operates outside the box.

This is a vastly different animal than Spring 2003, and it takes a second look to find all the hidden surprises. But it confirms the idea that beauty, almost invariably, comes in unusual packages

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer