Misura - fall/winter 2003

Misura Fall 2003 makes the search for new silhouettes a vertical quest.

There is something soberly feminine about the vertical cut in the brown suit jacket and high-waisted skirt, offset by horizontal side ventilators that perform a deft balancing act. The full-length wool coat’s downward fall is as dramatic as the upward reach of the pinstripe bustier with hook-closures.

Like the countless traces of the original Mona Lisa under the extant veneer of paint, Joeffer Caoc shows his work. But his delicate blueprints for garment construction are far from hidden; nay, they are celebrated with lines, straps and seams that often appear as design elements rather than fabric connectors. The futuro chiffon evening gowns embody these elements with perfect, almost skeletal symmetry, though the high-minded designs could afford to be a tad less antiseptic.

Is Misura capable of tom boyishness? The open-shoulder rust knit tunic would have you believe so. In a similar twist, there are plenty of wicked leather skirts and pants for those who’ve secretly wished for Misura minus the criminally wispy chiffon.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer