Morales - fall/winter 2003

When looking at Morales Fall 2003, or I should say, when visually assaulted by it, I can’t help but think one thing: these are clothes made for someone who secretly wishes to wear their skin inside-out. Renata Morales corroborates our research.

“My fashion is a way to communicate from within in a way that interacts with its immediate environment. In this collection there was a particular need for a burst of colour.”

The billowing military cargos are some of the most adventurous combat pieces we’ve seen in a while. These are no novelty-du-jour items-the military look is becoming a classic staple in Canadian design. Refracted rainbow belts and scarves accessorize the collection while tying together some of the colour schemes like an Impressionist logiciel. While some fuchsia and emerald pieces clamour for attention, the beige basket-weave dresses make their cases for relative simplicity. One thing’s for sure. When the collection tries to be feminine or cutesy, such as in the yellow batwing muu-muu, a rebelling counter-force always lurks nearby. Certain things just cannot be silenced, and this is the thrilling duality of Morales!

Having carried the flag for a bevy of avant garde designers in old Montreal for a few years now, it’s obvious why Morales is the voice of the new. Her collections cut an oblique slice. The links between pieces are as disparate as the threads that sashay chaotically across any of her pieces, yet there is just something about it. The garish symphony of colour is provoking. Has anyone stopped to think that Morales, through her research, is performing valuable experiments for the fashion community?

Renata Morales, we dub thee Fashion Laboratory!

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer