Olivera Savic - fall/winter 2003

There is no way to conceal a love for colour.

When I first met Olivera Savic at the Toronto Fashion Incubator, I was immediately struck by the designer’s commanding sense of colour. A season later finds Savic making a big impression on the heavyweight front rows of Toronto Fashion Week; who knew that sticking to the traditional colours of fall (she was one of the only Canadian designers to do this so fastidiously for Fall 2003) can be a visual feast of the highest order?

The first ensemble to trot out was actually the most pertinent example of this: a brown camisole lined with a luxuriant swath of silk was matched with a pair of silk culottes in orange, cream and mahogany stripes. The vivid Savic stripe coda is also found in a sheer top, if not eluded by it. The collection sports plenty of gypsy patchwork, layering and ruffles, while navy cotton and denim balances out the spectrum.

While the tie-dye costume flamboyancy is trippingly fantastic, Savic also knows how to create market-ready separates. The wraparound navy shirt with slightly flared lace-up sleeves is one of the tastiest, not to mention practical, items in the collection.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer